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Why window cleaning?

Why window cleaning?
I sometimes get asked about why I started a window cleaning business. I think this is an important questions not only for our customers to know but also for others in our organization. When I started this I truly wanted to understand what matters most in business when broken down to its most simple components and what was universally true. I had an idea of what I thought that is but couldn't really prove it without personally experiencing it for myself. So here is the why behind WrightWay Services.
Sometimes understanding why makes all the difference and for us the why is service. We believe that no matter what industry we operate in if we focus on high quality and personalized service we will be leaders of that industry and reap excellence. We believe in serving our community our customers and our organization.
We have ever evolving strategies for how we can best implement these beliefs. This is not something we will ever truly master however that's not really the point, for us its about always seeking to improve and to continue serving.
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